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Gift vouchers are available for any amount. An ideal present for Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Place your order here and we’ll deliver you a ‘Guitar Tuition Gift Certificate‘ within 3 working days.

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Gift Vouchers

Guitar Service

We now offer a full and professional standard service on all electric, acoustic and classical guitars. Our standard service includes: a fret polish, body polish, fretboard clean, fretboard condition (lemon oiled fingerboard – where applicable) and a full restring.

We will also check the setup, intonation and electrics of your instrument and where necessary will advise where any additional adjustments are needed. To book an appointment please get in touch via the contact page.

Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0)7854 090 683. We offer expert advice and will be happy to discuss any issues that you have with your instrument.

Price List
Restring: £10 + cost of strings
Full Service: £25 + cost of strings

Phosphor Bronze M535 Acoustic Guitar Strings

Custom Light: 12-52.

Martin acoustic guitar strings are made with a tin-plated, hexagonal steel core and a 92/8 phosphor bronze wrap wire. These strings have great dynamic response and tonal brilliance thanks to the bronze alloy which gives a deep, rich bass and clear highs. Gauge: 11 , 15 , 23w , 32 , 42 , 52 (wound 3rd).

These Strings produce a bright but slightly warmer sound than the 80/20. Great for daily play. A reliable budget set.

Set Price: £9.99 | Guitar Students Save: £0.99 (10%) – P&P Included.


Nanoweb 12-53 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Light Gauge: 12, 16, 24, 32, 42, 53.

The consensus among many musicians is that phosphor bronze strings offer the most sensitive, expressive tone that brings out the very best in guitars—virtually taking them to a higher level of play. These Elixir Strings have an ultra-thin layer of NANOWEB coating which protect the string’s windings and preserve the coveted phosphor bronze tone, 3-5 times longer than ordinary strings.

Rich, bright, well-balanced, expressive and smooth. These are the best acoustic guitar strings on the market.

Set Price: £19.99 | Guitar Students Save: £1.99 (10%) – P&P Included.


EJ27N Student Classical Normal Tension Full Size Guitar Strings

Gauges: 29, 34, 45, 31, 36, 45.

D’Addario’s EJ27N Classic Nylon guitar strings are great for beginners, students and professionals alike. This normal tension set contains 3 clear nylon trebles and 3 silver-plated copper wound basses for the optimal balance of warm and projecting, long lasting tone.

This is D’Addario’s premier entry level classical string set. A great balance of value and reliability.

Set Price: £9.99 | Guitar Students Save: £0.99 (10%) – P&P Included.


EJ45TT Pro Arte Classical Dynacore Normal Tension Guitar Strings

Trebles .0280, .0332, .0403 | Basses .028, .035, .044.

D’Addario Pro-Arté DynaCore sets are constructed using an exclusive multifilament stranded core material with a revolutionary winding technique. The result is a truly unique and contemporary tone. Rich, round and full with dramatically improved string life, tuning stability and consistency.

This set is complimented with titanium trebles (bright and projecting) for optimal tonal balance. Additionally, each treble string is laser sorted for unsurpassed intonation consistency. A superb set.

Set Price: £25.00 | Guitar Students Save: £2.50 (10%) – P&P Included.


EXL115 Nickel Electric Guitar Strings 11-49 Jazz Rock

Medium Gauge: 11, 14, 18, 28, 38, 49.

D’Addario XL Electric Guitar strings are world-renowned as “The Player’s Choice” amongst guitar players of all genres and styles. XL strings are wound with nickel plated steel (pioneered by D’Addario) and are known for their distinctive bright tone and excellent intonation.

String Gauges:
Plain Steel: .011, .014, .018.
Nickel Wound: .028, .038, .049.

Set Price: £9.99 | Guitar Students Save: £0.99 (10%) – P&P Included.


TLP Nail Papers (Single Pack)

6 x Shaping, 6 x Filing, 6 x Polishing Papers (55 x 32mm)

An essential ‘must-have’ nail care accessory for every guitarist. This handy kit comprises a combination of very fine grades of paper for shaping – filing and polishing. The contents come in a matchbox-sized pouch that will fit into any pocket, wallet or guitar case.

Single Pack: £4.50 | Guitar Students Save: £0.45 (10%) – P&P Included.

Jim Dunlop

Jazz III XL Sharp-1.38mm (Black)

With a huge, cult-like following world-wide, the Jazz III series have become the plectrum of choice for many guitar players. Virtuosos such as Eric Johnson and Joe Bonamassa rely on the Jazz III because of its quick release moulded edge and sharp tip. This Black Stiffo version is aggressive and bright sounding.

6-Pack: £4.80 | Guitar Students Save: £0.48 (10%) – P&P Included.

Jim Dunlop

Jazz III XL Sharp-1.38mm (Red)

This Red Nylon version has a smooth, warm sound. For a more aggressive sound try the Black Stiffo version.

6-Pack: £4.80 | Guitar Students Save: £0.48 (10%) – P&P Included.