Lesson Policy

Please Read:
Taking music lessons requires a commitment and if you expect to make progress, you must find the time for practice.
Please make sure that you can commit to attending classes for an entire series before you book and pay.
There are no refunds for cancelled / missed lessons.

1. Advance Payment: All lessons are to be paid for, in advance, in 4-week cycles.
A digital receipt will be provided with each advance payment.

We offer the following lesson packages:
1 x monthly series = 4 lessons per month,
1 x bi-weekly series = 2 lessons per month.

2. Cancellations: If you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, 24 hours notice is required; except in the case of illness or other last-minute conflict, in which case students are asked to call as soon as they know they will be missing their scheduled lesson time. If notice is provided, a make-up lesson will be scheduled at the earliest possible date.
All missed lessons must be made up within that month or forfeited.

3. Non-Attendance: If the student misses a lesson without calling/ texting in advance, the student will forfeit that lesson and no make-up lesson will be scheduled. Any student who misses two consecutive lessons without calling will lose their allocated slot and be removed from the teaching register.

4. Cancellation by Teacher: If the Instructor needs to miss a lesson, you will be notified as soon as possible and we will schedule a make-up lesson. All scheduled lessons cancelled by us will be credited to you and a make-up lesson time will be scheduled with you.

5. Refunds: If a student decides to stop taking lessons in the middle of a 4-week cycle, all remaining lessons will be forfeited. No refunds will be given.

For all lesson enquiries please get in touch via the contact page.